Pimped Setup
Pimped Setup
Pimped Setup
Pimped Setup
Standard Setup
Pimped SetupStandard Setup


Havoc 37.5"


Looking to wreak havoc everywhere you go without having to mess with your setup? With rocker, flared and CNC-cut wheel wells, and a 9.8” wide platform, the Havoc will keep you locked in and in control down hills and around corners. The 6” kicktail sports a W-concave to keep your back foot in command and ready for big driveway ollies and flip tricks in ditches. Bring a little havoc to your neighborhood. 


Pimped Complete: 
Comes with Caliber 180mm Raw, Cadillac 'Khanas 70mm/86a Purple, Cadillac 5.0 High Performance Bearings and Flypaper griptape

Standard Complete: 
Comes with X-Caliber 180mm Raw, Cadillac Classic Two 70mm/80a Red, Precision Bearings and Flypaper griptape